Food & Drink


Dining in Brockton

Panera Bread
Belmont St and Malden St


Places to visit


Fuller Art Museum
Oak Street



Clifford Avenue Playground
Newton Ave and Lorrie Ave

Downey School Playground
Electric Ave and Hammond St

East Junior High Playground
Centre St and Hill St

Harold D. Bent Playground
Ellsworth St and N Byron Ave

Hill Street Playground
Reed St and Kingman St

Huntington Playground
Warren Ave and South St

Mulberry Street Playground
Mulberry St and Mulberry Pl

Nadine Playground
Bailey Rd and Nadine Rd

Nelson Playground
Clifton Ave and Churchill Ave

O"Donnell Playground
Manchester St and Dana Pl

Old Gilmore Playground
Spring Ave and Acorn St

Parmenter Playground
Oakland Ave and Baxendale Ter

Perrault Playground
Sterling Rd and Beaumont Ave

Plymouth St. Playground
Plymouth St and Stillman Ave

Puffer Playground
Teele St and Riverside St

Richmond St. Playground
Arthur Paquin Way and Eagle Ave

Timothy Holster Memorial Park
W Chestnut St and Burke Dr

Tukis Playground
Melrose St and Beacon Park


Ames Nowell State Park
Chestnut Street

Audubon Society Land
Pleasant Street

Beaver Brook Conservation Land
Lady Slipper Lane

Brockton Avenue Property
Brockton Ave and Centre St

Brockton Fairgrounds
Belmont Street

Brookfield Nature Area
Raintree Dr and Raintree Cir

Brookville Playground
Linwood St and Boundary St

Campello Pool
Meadow Ln and Millett St

D.W. Field Park
D. W. Field Park Road

E.B. Davis Trust (Muckland)
N Montello St and Gaudette Ave

Eldon B. Kieth Field (Keith Memorial Field)
W Elm St and Goddard Rd

George G. Snow Park
Plymouth St and Stillman Ave

Gilbert Walker Playground
May Ave and Overlook Ave

Hancock Field
Hancock Ave and Pleasant St

Hilstrom Farm Park
North Ave and Lynn Rd

Jas Edgar Playground
S Fuller St and Harvard St

Kieth Park
Montello St and Riverside Ave

Massasoit Community College
Hammond Avenue

Mckinley Park
Winter St and Andover St

Montello Pool
N Montello St and Gaudette Ave

Old Colony Ymca
Allen St and Mitchell Rd

Otis Street Park
Skinner St and Middle St

Perkins Park
N Main St and Pleasant St

Remouva Park
Oscar Ave and Angerer Ave

Stonehill Park
Stonehill St and Marhall's Corner Rd

Washburn Meadow
Harold Street

Winthrop Square Clock Park
N Main St and Division St

Torrey Street


Brockton Country Club
265 Samuel Avenue

D. W. Field Golf Course
331 Oak Street

Thorny Lea Golf Club
159 Torrey Street

White Pines Golf Course
549 Copeland Street



Super 8
Westgate Dr Exd and Westgate Dr