Food & Drink


Dining in Ankeny

Ankeny Diner
133 Southeast Delaware Avenue

Applebees Bar And Grill
1001 East 1st Street 

Bandana's Bar-BQ
301 East 1st Street 

Bear's Restaurant & Lounge
302 Southwest Maple Street

Buffalo Wild Wings
1690 Southeast Delaware Avenue

103 Northeast Delaware Avenue

Chili's Grill & Bar
2601 Southeast Delaware Avenue 

China Moon
Southeast Oralabor Road

2502 Southeast Tone's Drive

CJ's Bagels
N Ankeny Blvd and E 1st St

Daylight Doughnuts
1702 West 1st Street 

El Azteca
1701 Southeast Delaware Avenue

202 Southeast Delaware Avenue

2402 Southeast Delaware Avenue

Jade Garden
SE 8th St and SE Grant St

Jethro's BBQ Lakeside
1425 Southwest Vintage Parkway

Ice cream
N Ankeny Blvd and E 1st St

Leaning Tower of Pizza
512 Southwest 3rd Street 

Long John Silver's
209 South Ankeny Boulevard 

The Lucky Pub and Grub
1509 South Ankeny Boulevard 

Noodle Zoo
2785 North Ankeny Boulevard

Okoboji Grill
2010 Southeast Delaware Avenue 

Old Chicago
Southeast Delaware Avenue

Olive Garden
770 Southeast Oralabor Road
+15159640511 Open Mo-Su 11:00-22:00; Fr,Sa 11:00-23:00  

Outback Steakhouse
2410 Southeast Tone's Drive

Palmer's Deli & Market
110 North Ankeny Boulevard
+15159634500 Open Mo-Fr 08:00-20:00; Sa 08:00-15:30  

Panda Garden
708 North Ankeny Boulevard

Panera Bread
2310 Southeast Delaware Avenue

NE 78th Ave and NE 19th Ln

Ranallo's on 3rd
417 Southwest 3rd Street

Sports Page Bar and Grill
1701 North Ankeny Boulevard

Topped Dougnuts
N Ankeny Blvd and E 1st St

Village Inn
1024 East 1st Street 

Waterfront Seafood Market & Restaurant
2414 Southeast Tone's Drive 

Yankee Clipper
312 Southwest Maple Street

Yanni's Grill and Vineyard
410 South Ankeny Boulevard


Ice-Cream and Frozen Yogurt

Dairy Queen
Ice cream
418 South Ankeny Boulevard 

Ice cream
N Ankeny Blvd and E 1st St




Springwood 9
2829 South Ankeny Boulevard

Places to visit


Ankeny Art Center
1520 Southwest Ordnance Road 

Ankeny Historical Museum
SW School St and SW 3rd St

Iowa Military Aviation Heritage Museum
Southeast Convenience Boulevard



Ankeny Dog Park
SW Ankeny Rd and SW Twin Gates Dr 

Ashland Meadows
NW 23rd Ln and NW Cameo Ln

Ashland Meadows
NW 26th St and NW Summit Ct

Ashland Meadows
Elm Ln and 20th Ln

Ashland Meadows
NW Summit Ct and NW 26th St

Ashland Meadows
NW 18th St and NW State St

Ashland Meadows
NW Park Meadows Dr and NW 22nd St

Ashland Meadows
NW Parkside Dr and NW Park Meadows Dr

Briarwood South Park
Northeast Oak Drive

Carney Marsh
Southeast 54th Street

Cascade Falls Aquatic Center
2350 Southwest Prairie Trail Parkway

Cherry Glen Greenway
NW Abbie Dr and NW 8th St

Cherry Glen Greenway
NW 6th St and NW Orchard Dr

Cherry Glen Greenway
NW 5th St and NW Orchard Dr

Cherry Glen Greenway
NW 5th St and NW Orchard Dr

Cherry Glen Greenway
NW 4th St and NW Mils Dr

Cherry Glen Greenway
NW 4th St and NW Mils Dr

Cherry Glen Greenway
NW Benjamin Ct and NW 5th St

Cherry Glen Greenway
NW Abbie Dr and NW 4th St

Clover Hills West Greenway
Southeast 19th Drive

Crestbruck Park
NE Stone Valley Dr and NE Stoneridge Blvd

Dean Park
SW College Ave and SW 18th St

Diamond Hills Greenway
SW Applewood St and SW Westwood St

Diamond Hills Greenway
SW 36th St and SW Beechwood St

Four Mile Creek Greenbelt
NE 49th St and NE Hayes Dr

Four Mile Creek Greenbelt
NE Otter Ridge Cir and NE Otter Cir

Four Mile Creek Greenbelt
NE Hillcrest Ct and NE 42nd St

Four Mile Creek Greenbelt
NE Jan Rose Pkwy and NE 51st Ct

Georgetown Park
NW Maple St and NW Parkridge Dr

Glenbrooke Park
SW 29th St and SW Glenbrooke Blvd

Glenbrooke Park
NW 78th Ave and SW Glenbrooke Blvd

Glenbrooke Park
SW Oralabor Rd and SW Woodbury Ln

Greentree Park
NW Hickory Ln and NW Pine Rd

Haubert Park
SW 3rd St and SW Elm St

Hawkeye Park
NW 5th St and NW Cindy Ln

Heritage Park
East 1st Street

High Trestle Trail

Hillside Greenway
SE Hillside Dr and SE 17th St

Horizon Park

Michael Park
NE Wanda Dr and NE 7th St

North Creek Park
Northwest North Creek Drive

Prairie Lakes
NW Bayview Ct and NW Prairie Lakes Dr

Prairie Lakes
NW Prairie Lakes Dr and NW Shoreline Ct

Prairie Ridge Aquatic Center
Northwest Prairie Ridge Drive

Prairie Ridge Sports Complex
Northwest Prairie Ridge Drive

Precedence Park
SW Precedence Rd and SW 18th St

Renaissance Park
NE 22nd St and NE 36th St

Rock Creek Greenbelt
NW Boulder Point Pl and NW Rockcrest Cir

Sawgrass Park
SW Sawgrass Pkwy and SW Sage Cir

Somersby Park
SW Springfield Dr and SW Somersby

Springwood Central Park
SE Springwood Dr and SE Orchid St

Springwood North Greenway
SE Magnolia Dr and SE Orchid St

Springwood South Park
SE Jasmine Ct and SE 33rd St

Summerbrook Park
SE Lowell Dr and SE 8th St

Summerbrook Park
NE 22nd St and SE Village View Ln

Sunrise Park
SE Peterson Dr and SE Sharon Dr

Sunset Park
SW 3rd St and SW Flynn Dr

Twin Gates Greenbelt
SW Tradition Dr and SW Westview Ln

Twin Gates Greenbelt
SW Twin Gates Dr and SW Buttonwood Cir

Village Park
NW Stratford Ln and NW 3rd St

Vintage Park
SW Vintage Pkwy and SW Precedence Rd

Wagner Park
W 1st St and SW Cherry St

Watercrest Park
NW Jackson Dr and NW 8th St

Westside Park
SW Statefront Rd and SW 4th St

Westside Park
SW Westview Dr and SW 5th St

Westwinds Park
SW Woodbury Ln and SW Woodland Ct

White Birch Park
SW White Birch Dr and SW Braeburn St

Wildflower Park
SW 50th St and SW 48th St


Ankeny Golf and Country Club
Southwest Irvinedale Drive

Briarwood Club of Ankeny
NE Huntington Ln and NE Huntington Ct 

Briarwood Club of Ankeny
Northeast Pinnacle Court 

Briarwood Club of Ankeny
Northeast Delaware Avenue 

Briarwood Club of Ankeny
Northeast Eaglewood Drive 

Briarwood Club of Ankeny
Northeast 28th Street 

Otter Creek Golf Course
Northeast 47th Street



AmericInn Lodge and Suites
1610 Southeast Oralabor Road 

Best Western Metro North
133 Southeast Delaware Avenue 

Comfort Inn
2602 Southeast Creekview Drive 

Country Inn & Suites
2510 Southeast Tone's Drive 

2405 Southeast Creekview Drive 

Days Inn
103 Northeast Delaware Avenue 

Fairfield Inn & Suites
215 Northeast Delaware Avenue

Heartland Inn
201 Southeast Delaware Avenue 

Holiday Inn Express
2402 Southeast Tone's Drive 

Super 8
206 Southeast Delaware Avenue 



Ankeny Apostolic Assembly
Christian : Apostolic
702 Southwest 4th Street 

Ankeny Baptist Church
Christian : Baptist
2842 Southwest 3rd Street Place 

Cornerstone Baptist Church
Christian : Baptist
701 East 1st Street 

Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Catholic Church
Christian : Catholic
510 East 1st Street 

Saint Anne's Episcopal Church
Christian : Episcopal
2110 West 1st Street 

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Christian : Lutheran
517 Southwest Des Moines Street

Resurrection Lutheran Church
Christian : Lutheran
914 Northwest Ash Drive 

St. Paul Lutheran Church
Christian : Lutheran
SE 11th St and SE Sharon Dr 

Ankeny First United Methodist Church
Christian : Methodist
SW Walnut St and SW 2nd St

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Christian : Mormon
SE Wanda Dr and SE 2nd St

Ankeny Presbyterian Church
Christian : Presbyterian
317 Southeast Trilein Avenue 

Ankeny Seventh Day Adventist Church
Christian : Seventh day adventist
401 Southwest Maple Street

Ankeny Christian Church
2506 Southwest 3rd Street 

Ankeny Church of Christ
SW 3rd St and SW School St 

Ankeny Church of the Brethren
SE Uehlamar Dr and SE Grant St 

Ankeny Evangelical Free Church
118 Northwest Linden Street 

Ankeny United Church of Christ
602 Southeast Delaware Avenue 

First Church of Christ
310 Northwest Ash Drive

First Family Church
SE Magazine Rd and SE Sharon Dr

Heartland Assembly of God Church
NW Kline St and NW 37th St

Open Bible Fellowship
SW 3rd St and SW Kline St

Prairie Ridge Church
NW 36th St and NW Des Moines St

Christian Life Center

710 Northeast 36th Street