Food & Drink


Dining in Hialeah

La Carreta
W 53rd Ter and W 16th Ave




Benny Babcock Park
E 7th St and E 5th Ave

Bright Park
E 7th Ave and E 34th St

Carl F. Slade Park
W 74th St and W 25th Ave

Cotson Park
W 24th St and W 5th Ct

Filer Park
W 6th Ave and W 32nd St

Goodlet Park
W 41st St and W 8th Ln

Graham Park
W 66th St and W 4th Ave

Hialeah Drive Park
NE 9th Ave and NE 1st Pl

Ken Mattingly Park
E Circle Dr and Circle Dr

Ken Mattingly Park
E Olive Dr and Olive Dr

McDonald Park
W 74th St and W 10th Ct

Milander Park
W 49th St and W 1st Ave

O'Quinn Park
W 62nd St and W 2nd Ave

Southeast Park
SE 10th St and SE 9th Ct

Sparks Park
W 60th St and W 12th Ln

Sports Complex
E 7th Ave and E 63rd St

Walker Park
W 8th Ave and W 28th St

Wilde Park
W 18th Ave and W 54th St