Food & Drink


Dining in Thorton

Washington St and E 102nd Ave

E 120th Ave and Community Center Dr

Blue Bay Asian Cafe
12840 Holly Street

Washington St and Larkridge Parking Lot Rd

Grant St and E 104th Ave

Famous Dave's
16539 N Washington St

Golden Corral
Grant St and E 98th Ave

Gunther Toody's
Larkridge Parking Lot Rd and State Hwy 7

Heavens Dragon
Monroe Way and E 120th Pl

Las Palmas
E 121st Ave and Thornton Ridge Parking Lot Rd

Lone Star Steak House
Community Center Dr and E 120th Ave

Old Chicago
E 102nd Ave and Grant St

Old Chicago
Colorado Blvd and E 120th Ave

Olive Garden
Washington Center Pkwy and E 120th Ave

Outback Steak House
Pennsylvania St and E 120th Ave

Coffee shop
E 168th Ave and Hwy 7

Texas Roadhouse
E 104th Ave and Grant Dr

United Chinese
E 128th Ave and Ash Cir

Village Inn
E 168th Ave and State Hwy 7

village Inn
W 83rd Pl and Acoma Way

Waffle House
E 84th Ave and Pearl St



Allegro Coffee
12799 Claude Court Free Wifi 

Cherrywood Park Parking Lot Rd and Colorado Blvd




E 101st Ave and E 100th Pl

Dyanna Dr and Garfield Dr


Brantner Gulch Open Space
Elm Way and Dahlia Ct

Brantner Gulch OS
E 123rd Dr and Krameria St

Briar Ridge Park
E 117th Ave and Albion St

Cherry Park
Clermont St and E 115th Ave

Civic Center Park

Colony Park
Garfield St and E 108th Ave

Columbia Park
E 89th Pl and 89th Pl

Eastlake Nature Area

Eastlake Park
Fillmore St and E 124th Way

Eastlake Shores Park
Columbine St and E 127th Pl

Elaine T. Valente Open Space Park
Monaco St and McKay Rd

Glencoe Park
E 112th Ct and Fairfax Ct

Grange Creek Park
Albion Dr and Bellaire Way

Gravel Lakes

Holly Park
E 111th Dr and Harris Way

Homestead Hills
E 139th Dr and E 139th Ave

Horizon Tributary OS
E 134th Ave and Magnolia Ct

Hunters Glen
Emerson St and Clarkson Cir

Lake Village Park
Columbine Cir and E 128th Pl

Lakeview Tributary OS
E 130th Ave and E 130th Dr

Lakeview Tributary OS
Locust Way and E 127th Pl

Lakeview Tributary OS
Jersey Ct and Ivy St

Lambertson Lakes OS
E 99th Pl and Pennsylvania Dr

Lambertson Lakes OS
Marion St and Circle Dr

Lee Lateral greenway
E 131st Way and Milwaukee St

North Star Park
N Star Dr and W 87th Pl

Northaven OS
E 122nd Ave and Cherry St

Northhaven Greenway
E 121st Pl and Clermont St

Park Village
Birch Cir and Birch Ct

Park Village
E 135th Pl and Albion Cir

Platte River Trailhead
Colorado Blvd and E 88th Ave

Riverdale OS
Clermont Way and 106th Dr

Shadow Ridge Park
Jackson Dr and E 135th Way

Sherwood Hills Park
E 100th Ave and Detroit St

Sky Lake Park
Cherry Dr and E 118th Ave

Spratt Lake Fishing Area

Summit Grove Park
Summit Grove Pkwy and Garfield Pkwy

Thornton Rec and Multi-purpose fields

Thornton Sports Complex

Trail Winds Off-Leash Dog Park
13385 Holly Street 

Trail Winds Park & OS

Tuck Ditch Park
Corona St and Ogden St

Woodglen / Brookshire parks
Milwaukee Cir and Milwaukee St

Woodglen Meadows Park
Bellaire St and E 126th Ave

Wright Farms Park
Krameria St and E 123rd Dr

Yorkborough Park
Detroit St and E 98th Pl


Riverdale Dunes & Knolls GC
Park Blvd and Golf Course Way

Thorn Creek
E 133rd Way and E 131st Ave

Thorn Creek
Humboldt Dr and E 133rd Ave

Thorn Creek
Thorncreek Ct and Thorncreek Cir

Thorn Creek
Marion St and Humboldt Way



The Castle Hotel
I 25

Hampton Inn
E 120th Ave and Community Center Dr

Sleep Inn
E 120th Ave and Community Center Dr



Crossroads Church
Christian : Baptist
53 128th Ave MUP